Our Customers Love What We Have To Offer

Jackie G. 7/2/14 

One of the best pizzas in town! Delicious, not overpriced, not greasy and on top of the great service the owner is super friendly! Found a new place to get our pizza craving fix!!

Lauren S. 11/2/10

Ordered 2 of their $5 pizzas to go, and was pleasantly surprised. I definitely prefer them over Little Caesar’s $5 hot and ready pizzas. Their buffalo wings were good too, not too spicy, but decent sized. Was definitely way more meat than the Hooters wings ever served me. Got 8 of them for $6 so not bad…

Dip P.

Greek pizza was amazing cool atmosphere not busy at all for a Friday night Quality Pizza at reasonable price. 03/15/2014

Ruth L.

Love love love their pizza! And the owner is super nice, he made me a pizza after closing time when I was pregnant :) 01/19/2014

Genese M.

I love their pizza it is way better than these fast food pizza chains.

you guys are one of my favorite pizza places. your pizzas are great.
best pizza ever!!

Marissa A. 06. Oct, 2011

ur pizza is yummy !!! =)

Rae S. 01. Jun, 2012

Awesome pizza and selections, taste BomB. Definitely a fun little place to hangout, kid and adult friendly with a full arcade and pool table for adults and they sell beer. I recommend to call in your order wether you pick up or eat in so you don’t have to wait.

Stacie B. 11. Jul, 2012 

My new FAVORITE pizza place!!! I have been frustrated with the pizza places around, too expensive, tastes like cold wet cardboard, but then we called Home of the Flying Saucer Pizza and OMG!!! Your pizza is SOOOO
good!!! I hope you are around forever. Anyone who goes anywhere else is wasting their money. Perfect food and a great family atmosphere!!!

Erin McIntosh 12. Aug, 2012

Your pizza is awesome! I love the service. I have recommended this pizza place to all my friends. Go to this pizza place, the taste is worth the dollar difference from *other pizza place nearby*. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE FLYING SAUCER FOR PARTIES!

Web Automation 26. Oct, 2013

I’m not that much of a comment person but your pizzas were really good. There is a more known pizza place right in the same shopping center but for the extra $1, you guys serve a better pizza.